Designing your dream kitchen is a significant commitment. One thing that absolutely cannot be overlooked is your kitchen’s backsplash.

As an accent point to countertops and cabinets, backsplashes add a touch of flavour to a kitchen design and help tie it together. The tiles you choose for your kitchen can say a lot about you as a person, so you’ll want a backsplash that reflects personality.

To help you choose the best kitchen backsplash, here are some things to keep in mind.

Select a tile style that’s right for you
Tiles come in all different looks and can be styled in various ways, so it’s best to establish early on what kind of backsplash you’re going for. Whether it’s farmhouse or midcentury, make choices that speak to your desired look.

In the example of the farmhouse aesthetic, choose simpler tiles with earthier tones (like those in our Lume series) to go with the natural vibe, as opposed to something louder or more intricate that may throw off the overall casual design.

You also want to consider the pattern of the tile you’re using. While the popular backsplash choice is a subway tile, there are so many other tile options for you to contemplate (which we’ve detailed in our discussion on tile patterns).

Tile style can also refer to how you choose to lay the tiles and the height of the backsplash. There are many tips and tricks for making a room appear larger, and extending a backsplash higher is one ways to achieve a heightened illusion. Be mindful, however, of your budget and not overcrowding the kitchen wall with a too-high backsplash.

Create harmony between your backsplash and countertops
Whether choosing a monochromatic look or creating a compelling colour story, shades play an incredibly significant role in establishing a solid aesthetic. Make sure your kitchen’s colour palette remains consistent across the backsplash, countertops, cabinets, furniture, and, to some degree, your appliances.

Some things to keep in mind when selecting your backsplash while factoring in colour:

-You don’t necessarily have to make your countertop and backsplash match ideally, instead, they can complement each other or simply stick to the established colour story
-Lighting can play a big part in how colour is perceived, so be aware that some of the colours may fade or pop depending on the light fixture position and light bulb shade
-Mixing shades is a clever way to give a kitchen depth through its backsplash
-Keep in mind the finishes of the other appliances and items in your kitchen

Factor in tile durability and cleanliness
Kitchen tiles get dirty. Whether it’s grease, water, or food, your backsplash protects the kitchen walls. Clean tiles regularly and install them with long-lasting strength in mind.

We have many tips for tile cleanliness, but important ones to remember when installing a backsplash include:

-Using a strong sealing material on your tiles to ensure that moisture doesn’t cause the tiles to weaken gradually
-Choosing a grout that is both resistant to dirt and also fits your backsplash aesthetic
-Selecting tiles that are made of more durable material, such as ceramic or stone

Simply put, you want a backsplash that fights splashes back.

Ready to start designing and installing your dream backsplash? Visit us at any of our Tile Town locations or give us a call, we’re happy and ready to help!