So, you’ve just completed your dream tile project — maybe you added that backsplash you’ve always wanted, or you finally replaced those dated tiles for some midcentury modern ones. Whatever the case may be, your project has finally been completed.

However, you still have some leftover tiles. Surely you don’t want these quality tile to go to waste, right?

Well luckily, there are plenty of uses for your spare tiles that you may not have previously considered. Whether they be used for upcycling old pieces of furniture that could use some elevation, or for convenient crafts for items around your home, these DIY tile crafts will ensure no tile goes unused.

  1. Create trendy tile coasters for your drinks to sit on

    Turning your tiles into coasters is a very low-effort way to repurpose tiles. Depending on your cut of tile, this craft may not even require additional cutting — you can simply use the tiles you have regardless of shape or size (so long as a beverage can fit on the tile’s surface).

    To avoid cuts, you’ll want to smooth the edges of your coaster with sandpaper. And to ensure you’re not scratching any glass counters with your tile coaster, you can stick felt to the back of the tile to make it glide easier. Self-adhesive cork sheets are another solution for preventing scratches on surfaces.

    If you feel so inclined (or perhaps you have a creative in the household), you can even paint the top of your tile coasters for a personalized feel.

  2. Use larger tiles as chic serving trays

    For those who frequently have guests over, whether for the holiday season or because you’re notoriously great hosts, you’ll know the importance of presentation when it comes to serving food or drinks. Why not treat your guests to some unique serving trays that match your accent wall tiles?

    Larger tiles are a better choice for executing this project, as you’ll be able to cut down to the perfect size you want and have more room for modification. To add support to your tile, add a piece of wood to the back of tile — you can either measure and cut the wood yourself, or visit your local hardware store for assistance.

    Once you have your tile and your wood, simply glue the tile to the wood, and add a finish to the tile to preserve the tile’s integrity. Handles for your tray can be added once your tray has finished drying.

    If you’re less adventurous, you could also just use small square tiles and glue them to a wooden tray to give it a much-needed makeover.

  3. Revamp your bathroom mirror with a tile border

    Mirrors are one of our most frequently used items in our household, and yet they tend to receive the least aesthetic flare in comparison to other items and areas in your home that you continually rework. Having extra tiles is the perfect chance for you to give your mirror the transformation it deserves.

    Some ideas for a mirror makeover:

    -Take your leftover penny tiles and create a border around your bathroom mirror that will match your shower tiles
    -Use tile sheets to put square tiles around your standing mirror so that it has as much pizazz as you when you’re posing in it
    -Create an intricate mosaic piece around your mirror by cutting intricate shapes with differently designed tiles, and strategically placing them around the mirror

4. Breathe new life into your plants with tiled pots and planters

Avid plant enthusiasts often find that there are very limited options in the field of eye-catching planters and plant boxes. Why stick to the typical clay pots when you can house your plants in their own unique, trendy pots?

With this upcycling method, you can either create your own planters by gluing tiles together with dowels in their corners to create a square-shaped tile pot, or simply take tile sheets and adhere them to rectangular planters. Either way, these projects require no use of power tools, just glue, so it’s easy for any inexperienced crafters.

5. Match your table tops with your backsplash or flooring

A popular trend we’ve seen return again and again is the monochromatic look, which takes a single colour palette and uses it for an entire focal point for décor and accents. If you’re looking to achieve this without breaking the bank on new furniture, why not reuse some tiles from your kitchen island remodeling and cover a coffee table or side table with the same tiles?

Simply take your tiles and lay them along your tabletops in a similar fashion that you would if you were laying tiles on floor or counter. You’re basically just completing a typical tiling project, except instead you’re doing it on a tabletop.

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